What Are the Most Expensive Mediterranean Cities for a Holiday?

According to recent research conducted by financial experts at Gambling ‘N Go, the Mediterranean region boasts some of the priciest cities for a vacation. The study analyzed several factors, including the cost of flights from any London airport, a seven-week hotel stay, and a mid-range restaurant for two people, to determine the most expensive destinations in the area.

Most Expensive Cities

Topping the list of the most expensive Mediterranean cities for a holiday is Monte Carlo, Monaco, followed by Marseilles and Venice in second and third place, respectively. Each city was assigned a score out of 100, with the cities receiving the lowest scores being the most expensive.

Rank Most Expensive Cities Index Score
1 Monte Carlo, Monaco 26.4
2 Tel Aviv, Israel 29.6
3 Cannes, France 29.8
4 Nice, France 36.1
5 Barcelona, Spain 39.7
6 Valletta, Malta 41.8
7 Haifa, Israel 44.0
8 Venice, Italy 44.4
9 Marseilles, France 45.6
10 Marbella, Spain 46.1


Monte Carlo in Monaco has topped the list of the most expensive Mediterranean cities for a holiday, with a score of 26.4. The city is renowned for its glamour and boasts many luxurious attractions, such as the Place du Casino located near an abundance of high-end stores. The average cost of a seven-night hotel stay in Monte Carlo is a staggering £2,283.50.

Tel Aviv in Israel comes in second on the list, with a score of 29.6. It has the highest price for a beer, costing an average of £7.37. Cannes, France takes the third spot with a final score of 29.8. It’s the French Riviera’s glamour capital, and flights alone will cost an average of £560.

Nice, Cannes’ neighbour, ranks fourth on the list, with a score of 36.1. It offers an array of attractions, including the stunning Promenade des Anglais and the vibrant Old Town, but has the highest price for a taxi, costing £1.84 per km. Barcelona takes the fifth spot with a score of 39.7. A week’s stay in a hotel in the Spanish city costs an average of £1,189.

Valletta, Malta’s capital, comes in sixth on the list, with a score of 41.8. It has one of the highest prices for a mid-range restaurant for two, costing an average of £71. Haifa in Israel ranks seventh with a score of 44. The city offers fantastic sites to see, such as the Bahai Gardens and the Stella Maris Monastery, but the average cost of a beer is £6.82.

Venice ranks eighth on the list with a score of 44.4. The Floating City, located in the North East of Italy, is known for its picturesque canals and hidden courtyards. Visitors can enjoy their stay in one of the many spectacular hotels, such as The Gritti Palace and Belmond Hotel Cipriani. However, be prepared to spend a significant amount of money, as a seven-night stay in Venice costs an average of £1,067.50.

Moving on to the ninth spot on the list, we have Marseille, another French city with a score of 45.6. Marseille is famous for its excellent restaurants that serve local speciality dishes such as bouillabaisse, a seafood soup that originated in the city over two centuries ago. If you plan on dining in Marseille, expect to pay an average of £61.82 for a meal for two.

Lastly, in the tenth spot on the list, we have Marbella, a popular destination for celebrities in southern Spain, with a score of 46.1. The city offers visitors a range of activities, from experiencing the vibrant nightlife to trying different cuisines. However, if you plan on dining out in Marbella, keep in mind that it has the highest price for a meal for two on this list, with an average cost of £79.37.

Least Expensive Cities

On the flip side, Oran, Algeria was ranked at the top of the least expensive cities list for a coastal break with an index score of 94.9, followed by Port Said, Egypt and Algiers, Algeria, in second and third place, respectively.

Rank Cheapest Cities Index Score
1 Oran, Algeria 94.9
2 Port Said, Egypt 90.3
3 Algiers, Algeria 88.0
4 Tunis, Tunisia 87.0
5 Tangier, Morocco 82.5
6 Alexandria, Egypt 82.3
7 Izmir, Turkey 81.9
8 Mersin, Turkey 81.8
9 Antalya, Turkey 79.6
10 Istanbul, Turkey 77.7


Most of the least expensive cities are from North Africa, with Istanbul being the only city on the list from outside North Africa. Istanbul, Turkey, has ranked as 10th on the least expensive cities list.

Note from Gambling ‘N Go

According to a spokesperson from Gambling ‘N Go, there are many beautiful spots on the Mediterranean coast that offer both beach and city experiences for a perfect holiday. However, visitors may not know whether these destinations are within their budget.

“There are plenty of beautiful spots along the Mediterranean coast that make for the perfect holiday by offering both the beach for a day to soak up the sun rays and the city centre to explore the culture. However, while many of these places may be on your bucket list, you may be unaware of whether they are within your budget,” said a spokesperson from Gambling ‘N Go.

The spokesperson further added that by using these data, travellers could plan their trips by giving them an idea of the expenses they can expect and allowing them to consider their finances when planning a trip to one of these cities or choosing a more affordable alternative.

Have you visited any of the countries above? Please share your experience with us in the comments.


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