Van Air Europe Let L-410 Lands before Displaced Threshold

A Van Air Europe Let L-410 on behalf of Trade Air, registration OK-LAZ performing flight C3-821 from Split to Dubrovnik (Croatia) with 7 passengers and 3 crew, landed on Dubrovnik’s runway 12 at about 12:45L (11:45Z) but touched down before the displaced threshold of the runway. The aircraft rolled out safely and became stuck amidst machinery and workers performing runway reconstruction work. There were no injuries, the aircraft did not sustain any damage.

About 10 minutes later a taxi path was cleared for the aircraft and the aircraft was able to taxi to the apron.

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The AIP Supplement showing the displaced threshold (©AIP Croatia)

Croatia’s Civil Aviation Authority have opened an investigation.

Trade Air confirmed:

“Flight C3-821 landed on the closed portion of Dubrovnik’s runway, Croatia’s CAA is investigating. Fire brigades and ambulances responded and deployed to the aircraft, however, did not need to intervene. A short time later the aircraft was able to taxi to the apron, where the passengers disembarked normally. The aircraft had been leased in from Van Air Europe”

Dubrovnik Airport is currently undergoing a major reconstruction project, the threshold of runway 12 was displaced by 1745 meters leaving 1425 meters of runway (TORA=TDA=ASDA=LDA=1425 meters) available.

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