United Airlines aircraft

Major U.S airline, United Airlines, has added an exciting new flight simulator to its mobile app for its customers to enjoy and test out their piloting skills!

Fancy your chances as a commercial pilot?

In a recent update, the Chicago-based airline has added a flight simulator to its mobile app for customers to test out or hone their skills and kill time before or during a flight. 

The game allows you to learn how to land a Boeing 787 in a variety of situations on many available runways. The inclusion of tutorial challenges allows you to practice flight controls like thrust, flaps, and more before having a go at a full approach. 

While it isn’t very long and is somewhat repetitive in its objective, it does offer a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. 

Also, the game does not take up much storage at all, a welcome bonus for many.

United Airlines has positioned its app as an important part of your travels with them, as travellers can use it to book tickets, check in, purchase inflight services, and more. The flight simulator is one of many games United has on its mobile app.

United Airlines' mobile application
United offers one of the most useful and seamless mobile app experiences for customers. | © United Airlines

Interestingly, U.S airlines typically do offer more advanced mobile apps across the country’s airlines. 

United isn’t the only airline offering these kinds of services. Turkish Airlines are too, albeit a little differently. 

If you booked a Business Class seat with Turkish Airlines, you can experience a virtual joyride in a flight simulator in the airline’s premium lounge at Istanbul Airport. 

Would you like to experience a flight simulator (mobile or in-person) during your next visit to an airport? Let us know what you think below.


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