Two German Eurofighters Collide Mid Air leaving a Pilot to be reported as ‘dead’

The German Air Force Luftwaffe has confirmed that two GAF Typhoons collided midair in northeastern Germany shortly before 12.00 GMT, June 24th 2019. Even though both Pilot’s ejected only one survived landing in a forest. On the contrary, there is no establishment of the second Pilot who has not yet been named at the time of this article.

It was possible that both Pilots were conscious during the collision as the third Eurofighter Pilot observed that they both parachuted down. What caused the second Pilot to die still remains a mystery. Following the crash, there is still a search for the second pilot as body parts have been found but have yet to be confirmed whether they belong to the Pilot.

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Both Eurofighters departed from the Steinhoff squadron located in Laage for which they were flying an Air Combat Mission with a third Eurofighter. Both aircraft crashed besides Lake Mueritz, approximately 62 miles (100km) North of Berlin. There is also footage of the smoke plumes from EHA News in addition to where they crashed.

Unfortunately the disaster did not end as there is currently a forest fire from the crash of both the typhoons. There have been many warnings to not approach the dangerous debris from the planes. Firefighters are also on the scene attempting to tackle the blaze that emerged with the crash.

There is evidence that something went wrong with one of the two aircrafts via their Transponder’s. According to @ETEJSpotter on Twitter. The first Pilot squawked 7700 indicating there was an emergency onboard: “Hexcodes of both jets are 3F6EFA (RAVEN1) and 3F9580 (RAVEN2). Collision must have happened around 11:54:00 UTC. RAVEN1 squawked 7700 at 11:54:24 UTC”


we’ll have more as more developments come out. Right now we’d like to send our condolences to the friends and family of both pilots. May they Rest In Peace.

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