Two A320s Collide at Pulkovo Airport, Russia; No injuries reported

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Two Airbus A320s collided with each other, on Sunday, at the St Petersburg-Pulkovo Airport in Russia. S7 Airlines A320 neo’s winglet nicked a Ural Airlines A320’s tail during taxi.

A320 collision

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Russian news agency, Tass, confirmed the incident by quoting sources:

On June 14, a grazing collision occurred between flights St. Petersburg-Irkutsk and St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad during the taxiing on the runway.

Both aircraft sustained minor scrapes while passengers onboard remained safe during the incident. The only major damage transpired was “the Ural Airlines A320 APU got separated and fell to the ground” — according to Sam Chui’s report.

The Ural Airlines A320 had flown in from Moscow whereas the S7 Airlines A320 neo was off to Irkutsk. Both were taxiing on the ground before the incident occurred.

The two aircraft came to a complete stop after the collision occurred. It’s still unsure how the two aircraft came so close and eventually ran into each other.

Since then routine operations have resumed at the Pulkovo Airport.

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