With huge staffing shortages affecting airlines and airports across the UK, scenes of disruption and chaos at our airports have become commonplace. However, one TUI First Officer onboard flight TOM2744 resorted to helping load baggage onto the aircraft to minimise further delays.

TUI 737-800 parked at on stand at Manchester Airport
TUI 737-800 parked at on stand at Manchester Airport (MAN) | (c) Wikimedia Commons

What happened?

On 30th May 2022, TUI UK flight TOM2744 operating from Manchester, UK, to Heraklion, Greece, missed it’s takeoff slot due to staffing shortages at ground handler, Swissport. After a thirty minute delay, the TUI First Officer, Simon, resorted to loading passenger’s baggage onto the aircraft himself to avoid further delays waiting for bag handlers to arrive. Comparatively, flights waited around 5hrs on the ground for handlers to attend.

Data from FlightAware shows the flight arrived 2hrs 11min late, touching down at 20:44 UTC.


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