Ha Long Bay Vietnam Heritage
Ha Long Bay is a world heritage site famous for its unique landscape in the North of Vietnam|©halongbayinfo

Are you traveling to Vietnam this summer? Here are a few notes to help you plan your trip.

With the world opening up for tourists progressively,  Asia’s favourite holiday destinations are expecting travel bubbles like never before this coming summer. Starting from the 1st of July, Thailand will lift all travel restrictions and quarantine measures for arriving tourists. Travelers are only required to show vaccination certificates upon arrival; it is one of the first countries in Asia to completely accept tourists as it used to before the pandemic. To compete for tourists, Vietnam had also lifted the negative test result upon arrival. However, if you are traveling to Vietnam, there are a few things worth noting when you plan your trip.

Airbus 320 Vietnam airlines
The number of domestic flights has reached its maximum capacity in Tan Son Nhat International Airport serving Ho Chi Minh City|© TravelRadar

Plan to Enter via Hanoi or Danang

Just like in Europe, some of Vietnam’s airports are having staff shortages as a result of the cut-back of manpower during the pandemic. Delays are common in post-pandemic times no matter which airlines you take (some may be worse than others), especially during summertime when locals travel from the north to the south for the beaches. To avoid being clogged up with local travelers, try to enter the country via Hanoi and Danang or even Nha Trang, where the airport facilities are sufficient to handle a higher volume of travelers to avoid waiting times upon arrival. Currently, Vietnam’s southern airport serving Ho Chi Minh City is experiencing heavy delays due to staff shortages and the physical constraints of the aging terminal. The situation is not expected to improve until the new airport is put into operation in 2025.

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island has become the favourite holiday destination for Vietnamese from the north|©VietnamBriefing

It’s the middle of the Wet Season

Starting from May each year, the south of Vietnam enters the Wet Season. During this time, from sunrise onwards, the weather would be hot and humid until thunderstorms unleash pouring showers in the afternoon. At night after the rain, it is generally cool and pleasant, however, the showers may leave the city in a flooded state for a few hours on occasions. Make sure you bring a set of clothes for a quick change as an umbrella or a raincoat will not be of big help to keep you dry. During this time, the north of Vietnam will generally be warm and humid with moderate rainfall. It is, however, also prone to monsoons coming from the South China Sea. If you are traveling to holiday destinations by the shore like Phu Quoc Island or Nha Trang, you would likely experience some intermediate showers but the weather usually clears up within thirty minutes to one hour.

Largest Cave World Vietnam
Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world by volume; it connects the middle of Vietnam to neighbouring countries.|©National Geographic

Transiting Through Vietnam

If you are planning for a transit stop in Vietnam this summer, you should plan cautiously and leave some buffer in between flights. An average delay of up to two hours is experienced at Tan Son Nhat International Airport over the past month. This problem is expected to persist or worsen during the peak season this summer. Plan a minimum of three hours between flights to avoid missing your next flight. It may not be the worse idea to plan one night in Ho Chi Minh City just to experience Vietnam’s vibrant city life. The constant afternoon thunderstorms are no help either; flights schedules are often disrupted when heavy rain and wind shear are within the vicinity of airports.

With sufficient planning and a plan B, traveling to Vietnam is a lively experience with plenty of places to explore. From water sports to exploring the world’s largest cave, you will be fascinated by its amazing landscapes and culture. Be sure to plan ahead and keep an eye on the entry and visa requirements, although it is expected to loosen in the coming weeks. To read more stories within the region, click here.



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