Singapore Airlines has set a new record for the worlds longest flight.

Singapore to Newark is now the worlds longest flight SQ22 is 10,400miles and will take approximately 19 hours.

The Aircraft operating this flight is the first Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR, which is capable of carrying an extra 24,000 litres of fuel in comparison to a normal A350-900, The ULR variant can carry a staggering 165,000 litres of fuel.

SQ22 departed Singapore Changi Airport at 23:35 LT and will arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport at approximately 6am on Friday, New York time. With weather being a major factor in this flight it’s possible it will arrive earlier.

Singapore Airlines has a further seven A350-900ULR on order.

This flight is a testament to modern aviation technology and a fantastic piece of engineering by Airbus Industries.


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