Many of you turn to us for our one of a kind reviews from the airlines we fly around the world, some come to just see what’s going on in the aviation world, and the others want to maximize their rewards benefits and be able to travel the world for nearly nothing. If your here for the latter you’ll want to stick around for this one.

Today we’ll be talking about the best travel rewards cards that you can get to unlock a world of opportunities for you. Not only in the air but on the ground as well. That’s right, you can also get free hotel stays. Let’s get started.

We’ll start off with the absolute best beginners card that most people who are just beginning the hobby go for. That’s the Chase sapphire preferred. The chase sapphire preferred is a card you can take advantage of with any airline in the chase travel portal. It’s not specific to any airline. The travel portal utilizes Ultimate rewards points or UR points. These can be used for airfare or hotel stays inside the portal.


60,000 points after $4,000 USD spent in 3 months.

Valued at: $1,100-1,200 USD in rewards

Annual fee: $95 USD

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Next up is the Hilton honors card from American Express. This card can be used for redeeming points at any Hilton location around the world (If under 21 check with hotel first). This card has the best value for hotel stays despite the high annual fee.check below for the card details.


150,000 points after $4,000 spent in the first 3 months.

Reward value: $250 in statement credit on Hilton purchases, $250 in airline incidental fee credits for every year, and priority select lounge access.

Annual fee: $450

Value: $900-1,000 in rewards credit (after fee)

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We’d like to highlight the platinum card from American Express next. We show this card having the best total value for the everyday traveler. This card can be used through the AMEX points portal so to speak (easily found online). This card features lounge access, fast track security, ride share credit, & clothing credits.


60,000 points after $4,000 spent in 3 months

Reward value: $200 airline incidental credits, $200 Uber annual credit, TSA Precheck, priority pass select lounge access. $100 Saks fifth avenue credit, &  a $250 sky club/ centurion global lounge access.

Annual fee: $550

Value: $1,500 in rewards credit

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Another great card that enables you to get in the air for the best value is the Delta reserve card. There’s a few other options for Delta cards like the Gold and platinum cards but this card is best for the Delta frequent travelers. Delta flies all around the world so it’s no wonder that they have one of the best cards on the market right now for you to take advantage of.


75,000 miles and 5,000 MQM’s after $5,000 is spent in the first 3 months. (Expires July 2019)

Rewards value: Delta sky club access.

Annual fee: $450

Value: $900 in rewards credit.

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Finally the last card on this list is the Capital one venture rewards card. I’m trying to split these cards up between Air travel and hotel stays so here’s my hotel contribution to this list. The Capital one venture card is the best for getting hotel stays at many places around America and Europe (can be used elsewhere) using and other online websites alike.


50,000 miles after $3,000 spent in the first 3 months.

Rewards value: TSA precheck, also comes with a bonus value of $700.

Annual fee: $95

Value: $750-850 in rewards credit.–&applicantkeyid=

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That wraps up our list on the best travel/hotel rewards cards for 2019. Keep in mind these aren’t to be used erratically to hurt your financial or credit situation. We are not responsible for what you do after attaining the card. Credit scores must be 700+ for these cards. Check other cards online for lower requirements. Let us know what you think down below and if you’ve ever used any of these cards benefits!


(All photo’s from each cards website)