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Popular low-cost carrier Ryanair has recently held talks with the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology in the European country of Slovenia over the potential of restoring flights to the country next year. 

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Ryanair used to fly to Slovenia but at an inconsistent rate. Flights between London Stansted Airport and the city of Maribor were operated in 2007 and 2008. The route was discontinued regardless of positive demand after Ryanair and local authorities were unable to agree on subsidies for a joint advertising programme.

Ryanair aircraft
Ryanair wishes to resume flights to Slovenia, spotting a gap in its market. | © Torsten Maiwald

In 2020, Ryanair applied for slots to connect London Stansted and the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. And while the airline was granted its request, it ultimately failed to launch its services to the city. 

Now, in 2022, it seems as if the Dublin-based carrier and the European country is ready to try again.

The meeting, held last week, is a positive step in the right direction between the Slovenian government and Ryanair to establish a connection between London and Slovenia. 

The Ministry for Economic Development and Technology argued that Slovenia is very much in need of improving its air connectivity following the pandemic and its flag carrier Adria Airways declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations in September 2019. 

Adria Airways
Bankruptcy forced Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways to cease all operations. Presumably, its last flight was from Paris to Ljubljana. | © Anna Zvereva

According to Slovenian media portal Sierra5, Ryanair officials declared during the meeting that Slovenia is the only market within the European Union that is unserved by the airline. Officials also, reportedly, criticised Ljubljana Airport’s high passenger fees. Ljubljana Airport, however, is more than ready to welcome Ryanair according to the airport’s general manager, Babett Stapel: 

“We have already held talks and we are ready to continue them. We welcome all airlines that fit into our business model.”

The Ministry for Economic Development and Technology recommended Maribor Airport, known as Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, as an alternative – Ryanair is familiar with the city and its airport, after all, and the government is planning to give the airport up for concession relatively soon. 

Both parties will meet again this August where further discussions will include potential destinations and ways to establish greater connections. 

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