Although the aviation industry has faced an extremely tough year, UK’s low-cost airline Ryanair plans for the next year to be a good one.

Ryanair boom
Life after last year. © Markus Winkler

A tough year for the aviation industry

Ryanair has had a busy past few months as the industry is still in the midst of a very difficult time. As travel returns slowly back to normal, the airline has been preparing for travelling capacities to increase, prepping for Covid-19 restrictions and considering what new routes need to be introduced.

Ryanair booM

Ryanair has kept prices lower than usual in an attempt to entice more UK citizens to fly internationally this year. The prices will continue to build back up to the pre-Covid rates as 2021 shows signs of progress and winter starts settling in.

New flights for Ryanair

As well as opening new flights from Gatwick to Spain, Luton will also fly to the Canary Islands and Italy. London Stansted will also offer flights to Finland and Sweden as travel looks to pick up in the next few months.

Despite the UK’s travel restrictions, the chief executive at Ryanair predicts travel will take off over the next couple of weeks. This is likely to coincide with the airline’s new flights being introduced. The airline is always working away and looking at what flights they can offer next to accommodate travellers with low-cost flights to cities across Europe and the rest of the world.

Back in July of this year, Ryanair added ten new routes from Manchester, and they haven’t stopped there.

Have you travelled outside the UK since travel restrictions have been lifted? Are you more tempted now that there are more flight options available? Let us know in the comments below.


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