Ryanair fight back after a picture appears to shows a flight crew sleeping on the crew room floor. the picture shows 6 cabin crew on the floor in the crew room in Malaga after the crew were delayed after storms. The social media page of one of the crew says “Ryanair will be  earning €1.25 Billion this year but will not put stranded crew in a hotel over night”.  See the source imagethe airline has released a video showing that the crew setup the picture. In the video it shows the crew moving from there seats to the floor and a other crew member taking the picture. then the crew getting straight back up again.

Credit: Ryanair Peter Bellew, Ryanair’s chief operations officer. replied to the picture on his social media page

“Unfortunately.  All hotels were completely booked out in Malaga.  The storm created huge damage in Portugal. Later after this the crew moved to VIP lounge.  Apologies to the crew we could not find accommodation.”

The union said the crew where there for more then 4 hours. And there was no food or drink available for the crew. I wonder if its time to change. For example most of the crew are employed by a agency where pay and benefits are different. then regular employees at ryanair


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