Ryanair Cabin Crew look at strike action over demands not being met.

Ryanair Cabin Crew from Spain, Portugal, Italy & Belgium. Crew are planning strikes and will announce dates for the action on Thursday once authorities give their approval. Cabin crew are to hold coordinated strikes a union official said on Wednesday, escalating industrial action at Europe’s largest low-cost carrier which dismissed their demands as “pointless.”

It is feared more countries Crew may join in with the strike. The crew are joining Irish Ryanair pilots who on Tuesday announced a strike for July 12, saying Ryanair had failed to improve conditions sufficiently after recognizing unions in December.

Ryanair operates in 37 countries and carried over 130 million passengers last year recently avoided strike action in December. Furthermore Ryanair now recognizes trade unions for the first time in its 32-year history. Firstly crew across Europe issued 34 demands. These include “a fair living wage”, improved sick pay and employment contracts in their own language and based on local rather than Irish law.

These demands where drawn up by crew representing 80 percent of Ryanair’s 86 bases. A Ryanair spokesman disputed some of the claims and described the demands as “pointless”. Further stating the attractiveness of the package offered to staff. “Ryanair is already engaged in extensive negotiations with national cabin crew unions across Europe during which all of these, and other issues, are being negotiated and we have already concluded agreements in the UK and Italy,” the spokesman said.

The strike action was threatened if demands where not met by 30th June.


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