Today Qantas QF7 from Sydney to Texas was forced to dump fuel in order to make an emergency landing.

The flight took off from Kingsford Smith Airport earlier this afternoon and was forced to dump some of its fuel into the ocean in order to make the safe landing.

Qantas said the safety of passengers were never at risk but admitted the noise — which passengers would’ve been listening to for 10 more hours — would’ve become annoying.

A Qantas spokesman said that the passengers will be transferred onto a different aircraft and are due to depart Sydney at 7.30pm and the flight change means passengers will arrive in Dallas only six hours late.

Earlier, a spokesman for Qantas explained “a door seal was creating a high pitched whistling noise in the cabin so in the interests of passenger comfort the captain decided to return to Sydney, however “Cabin pressure was always maintained and the aircraft landed safely and without incident and engineers are inspecting the aircraft.”

This isn’t the first time passengers on a QF7, Sydney to Dallas flight, have been forced to land back in Sydney.
In August last year, a flight from the same route landed back in Sydney hours after it took off due to “engineering issues”.
“The flaps on the aircraft (attached to the wing) are unable to retract which means the aircraft can’t fly efficiently,” Qantas said at the time.

“As the Dallas flight is our longest on the network, the captain made the decision to return to Sydney.”


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