Prince Air – India’s First Subscription Airline

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Prince Air, a new Indian airline, is all set to debut the aviation market with its subscription model-based pricing. Prince Air Private Limited is a four-year-old company started by Sanket Raj Singh and Shashi Singh. The airline operates in the non-scheduled air transport segment.

Prince Air touts itself as “India’s First Subscription-Based Airline/An All You Can Fly Membership Airline Service. Fly Unlimited on our private jets across major sectors In India.”

Prince Air Fleet, Routes and Fares

According to Sanket Raj Singh, the airline had planned to introduce the service using Bombardier/Embraer executive jets. But now, Prince Air is opting for an all-business Class Airbus A320 in a 90-100 seat configuration.

All business class seating (Representative Image ) – Courtesy ThePrint

The airline has announced flights connecting Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. These sectors boast the largest numbers of business travelers. So it is pretty evident that Prince Air will try and concentrate on the high-paying regular corporate flyers.

The fares for the subscriptions were announced a couple of days ago.

The airline posted the following message on its LinkedIn page.

Fly Unlimited in between New Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru at a Monthly Subscription Cost of $1500 to $3000 (1 Lakh INR to 2 Lakh INR). This cost will be equivalent to 3 to 4 business class round trips between the metros”.

The Benefits of Flying Prince Air

Firstly, the airline will be flying out of private terminals, which in itself saves time. A passenger will save anywhere between 2 to 4 hours on a round trip. In addition, passengers will complete all processes from booking to boarding using a unique app. Manual interactions are being minimized.

The airline says that the experience is similar to flying private but without the high personal jet costs.

Globally, there are a few airlines that are trying the subscription model. For example, Volaris (Mexico) and Viva Air (Columbia) offer subscription models. The response of passengers has been encouraging.

As Indian Aviation rebounds, it is the right time to experiment with newer revenue models. We wish Prince Air success in its endeavors.

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  • It's a wonderful idea and the company will easily find corporate customers. They will definitely work out on possible permutations and the corporate world will grab the opportunity.