Is Poker a Good Solution to In-Flight Entertainment?

Lately, improvements to the customer experience on major airlines have largely revolved around improving meals, offering more advanced technology, and, of course, convenience. However, if there’s an area in which airlines have stalled out a bit is entertainment. Passengers used to have only magazine crossword puzzles to avoid boredom. From then, flights started offering TV and films, but the offerings haven’t improved much since. It’s pretty much you and a book on these flights, although mobile devices have helped improve your experience. Simple apps like card games, and even the ever-popular game of poker could offer a new alternative for in-flight entertainment. Let’s review 5 reasons why poker could be the solution passengers and airlines are looking for.

Passenger Relaxing

Strong Processing Power isn’t Required

Most airlines offer a simple tablet that struggles with something as simple as playing a movie or providing information about the flight. These devices also have problems launching complex action games, which is why card games, and poker, in particular, are ideal. The game only requires processing a couple of images of cards, as well as some basic animations and rules. Most of the complex analysis will be done by the passenger.

It Doesn’t Need Strong Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi is still slow and expensive, meaning people who would like to game online often can’t. An in-flight entertainment system could solve this problem by offering the possibility to play poker. In particular, the popular poker variant Texas Hold’em could be an excellent addition, as its rules have been popularized on broadcast tournaments and movies.

Money Isn’t Necessary

Professional poker players are famous for participating in high-stakes games where millions are in play. But there are plenty of popular free-play apps out there, and one beginner’s guide to poker also points out that some of the biggest online poker providers support free play-money games. People can play engaging matches against AI without spending any money, and still, feel the excitement of a real-life poker game.

It Could Make Flights More Social

Some flights have started to provide chat services, allowing passengers to communicate with each other. This allows people to start fun conversations regardless of where they are seated. Adding poker to the mix could give an excellent opportunity for strangers to start chatting and relax, even during long flights. Conversations could also continue even after the plane has landed.

It’s Less Distracting

Sometimes passengers just want to relax, read a book or take a nap. But when someone is watching a movie next to you, and reacting to it, it’s hard to look the other way. By allowing some passengers to play poker games, the screens would be less vibrant and distracting, allowing people to relax. But even if they end up paying attention to the other screen, they might even feel motivated to try the game and discover a new hobby.

Airlines Could Organize Small Tournaments

One possibility of allowing people to play poker together could be to organize friendly tournaments. Participants will be given a number of free chips, and form new tables as some players lose too many rounds. The best-performing passengers could then enter the last table and play for the flight championship. The winner could receive a small souvenir like an airline-branded bracelet, or maybe even a discount on a future trip. Travelling by plane can be an exciting activity, but the long hours spent on a single flight make the experience exhausting. By offering games, airlines can ensure that their passengers remain relaxed during the journey, and feel rested for what awaits them at their destination. But with poker games, the flight can become a fun and engaging activity that doesn’t distract other passengers, or require fast internet or high-end tablets.

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