Pilot Error Led to Air India Crash at Kozhikode Last Year

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IX1344, Air India Express flight from Dubai to Kozhikode crashed while landing at the airport in heavy rain on August 7, 2020.

The Aircraft Accident  Investigation Bureau has finally released a 257-page report titled – “ACCIDENT INVOLVING M/S AIR INDIA EXPRESS B737-800 AIRCRAFT VT-AXH ON 07 AUGUST 2020 AT KOZHIKODE”. The report was twice delayed due to the pandemic and was eagerly awaited by the general public and relatives of the people who died in the crash.

The major reasons cited in the report are –

Pilot Error

The most probable was due to the pilot in command not following standard operating procedures wherein, he did not stabilise the aircraft and landed almost 1 km beyond the touchdown point.

Faulty Windshield Wiper

It has been found that the windshield wiper of the Pilot in Command stopped functioning after the failed first attempt to land. The cockpit voice recorder playback indicated a detailed discussion going on between the two pilots regarding the faulty wipers.

No Briefing for Diversion

After the first failed attempt, no briefing was given by ATC for possible airfields for diversion of the aircraft due to worsening weather conditions. This again was a violation of standard operating procedures.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The Pilot carried out a ‘missed approach’ at ILS minimums while attempting to land on runway 28. The reason for the missed approach transmitted to ATC by the Pilot was “weather, heavy rain”.

However, landing with an unserviceable wiper in rain may also have been a contributory factor to not being able to see the runway.

No-Risk Assessment

The Pilot in command took a decision to land in adverse weather with a faulty wiper and no clear view of the runway. This was undertaken even after one  ‘missed approach’ on runway 28. Alternate airfields were available in close proximity and there was enough fuel on board. Subsequently, without any risk assessment, the PIC continued for a second approach into Kozhikode.

This is Breaking News. We will bring a detailed coverage of the report in the coming week.



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