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News Roundup; Week #7 of 2020

by David Hopwood
Coronavirus Evacuation ©ItAF


What made our aviation news this last week?

Here’s a roundup of the main items for last week, from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th February 2020.

  • The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and the effects on commercial aviation were profound. Airbus closed, then opened limited production at its plant in Tianjin, China.
  • South African Airways reduced its schedules in an attempt to save costs.
  • Airbus reported a loss for the financial year as a result of its huge penalty for the payment of bribes.
    • They revealed a radical new design for commercial aircraft.
    • The last wing for the A380 left the Broughton factory in North Wales.
    • We looked at the continued success for the A220, with Bombardier withdrawing from production.
  • Boeing continued to struggle, with no orders in January.
  • In our series on the pioneers of aviation, we looked at the Franco-Brazilian, Santos-Dumont.
  • Some airlines fell into liquidation; Air Italy and AtlasGlobal.
  • An Air India A321 had an incident on take-off from Pune.
  • The weather in north-western Europe was foul, with Storm Ciara playing havoc with schedules.
  • And on a happier note, British Airways became the first autism-friendly airline

Let’s see what this week brings!


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