Lilium eVTOL airborne

Fractional aircraft ownership company NetJets is looking to boost the speed of their journeys in an environmentally friendly manner as they have agreed to order 150 Lilium eVTOLs for their fleet. 


The Nature of the deal

In a statement to investors released on 28th February, Lilium confirmed that the American company would run flight operations for a Lilium air taxi-route network for Florida.   


The Germany-based eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) developer Lilium produced the first jets of its kind as it remains currently the only electric vertical take-off and landing jet.

The aircraft seats four to six passengers and claims to be versatile in accommodating a range of customers and uses. 

The website hones in on the luxurious, efficient and simplistic nature of the jet and its features both aesthetically and aerodynamically. 

Lilium’s Vice President of Business, Sebastien Borel, stated:

“We are very excited to be working together with the world’s largest private jet company, NetJets […] The U.S. market will be a good test for us to see how far we can go. But it’s meant to be global, and we’re confident it will drive us to be global.”

The company currently aims to certify its eVTOL and start commercial services by 2024, with piloted battery-powered eVTOLs capable of cruise speeds of 280km/hr and a range of 300 km.

While they have not said when they will start flight testing a preproduction prototype, investors have been told that design data will be released to the supply chain during the second quarter. 

This decision follows one made by market rival Directional Aviation, a private business aviation investment firm that ordered 200 eVTOLs from Embraer-backed Eve in July 2021.


As air traffic increases amongst city centres, electric jets are quickly becoming the way forward in ensuring faster travel, urban mobility and efficiency in landing.  


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