Breaking News: Multiple sources report a THIRD blast at Kabul Airport, live updates to follow. 11 US Marines and One US Navy Medic dead following the first two blasts. 60 Confirmed dead.
Islamic State claims responsibility for the Kabul Airport attacks through the group’s Telegram account, reports Reuters.

Several reporters are suggesting numerous blasts have occurred in and around Kabul Airport since the originally reported two. At this time, it remains unconfirmed whether any more blasts have occurred. US Military central commander, General Kenneth F. McKenzie, expects attacks to continue.

 Latest Updates: Kabul On The Brink

  • Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks on Kabul, report courtesy of Reuters.
  • The US military’s central commander, General Kenneth F. McKenzie, has said he expects attacks to continue. The US military commander says he is “prepared to take action against those responsible for Kabul attacks.”
  • 12 US service members were killed in the blasts, with a further 15 wounded. Of the 12 killed, there were 11 US Marines and one Navy medic. 
  • US Evacuation operations to continue despite the desperate situation in Kabul.
  • Boris Johnson, UK prime minister, confirms that the UK will continue evacuation efforts despite “barbaric” attacks outside the capital’s airport.

I cannot confirm there have been other attacks away from Hamid Karzai airport today. – General Kenneth F. McKenzie

Isis Khorasan group have claimed responsibility for the attacks on Kabul Airport after sharing messages through the group’s Telegram account.

Joyce Karam, senior correspondent at The National News, shares that local news is reporting a third explosion amidst claims of even a fourth and fifth blast. This comes hours before Biden warns that “further attacks are expected”.

Locals continue to tweet about further explosions in and around the Kabul Airport area. There have been no confirmed reports of blasts after the two confirmed this morning. General Kenneth F. McKenzie was also unable to confirm the rumours. It’s unclear at this time whether the reports of further blasts are, in fact, related to the morning incident. Reuters reports that two witnesses have heard a blast around four kilometres from the airport while AFP staff claim “another huge blast” was heard.

Kabul Attacks: In Pictures

A person wounded in a bomb blast outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Thursday arrived at a hospital in Kabul

A person injured during the Kabul Airport suicide bombings on Thursday arrived at an emergency hospital in Kabul.

Medical staff bring an injured man to a hospital in an ambulance after two powerful explosions outside the airport in Kabul
© Wakil Kohsar / AFP

Medical staff bringing an injured man to hospital after the double blast outside the airport gates earlier today.

Two bombings outside Kabul Airport on Thursday the 26th in Afghanistan claimed by ISIS
© TOLOnews

Afghan citizens using anything available to transport their injured to hospitals.

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