Miami International Airport: A Hub for Trialling Groundbreaking, Cutting-Edge Technologies

Miami International Airport is trialing cutting-edge technologies across its airport, enhancing customer experience dramatically and making the process from entry to boarding simpler than it has ever been before.

Inside Miami International Airport
Inside Miami International Airport ⓒ Tony Arce

Chief Innovation Officer of Miami International Airport, Maurice Jenkins, details the impact these new technologies are likely to have on passengers as well as the overall experience within the airport, stating, “Our approach to this new level of engagement is to roll out the technology in a way that it is embraced by all, including upfront our vision of transformative innovation to create efficiencies and improve the customer experience. After we have deployed for its initial scope, we want to exploit the technology fully into additional venues.”

Paving the way for innovative technology at Miami International Airport

These innovations include multiple self-service technologies, integration of biometrics systems, and even virtual queueing. Centered around enhancing customer experience, this is expected to be fully implemented across Miami International Airport, along with ‘smart restroom trials.’ Jenkins’ strategic visions have also become a reality in opening new North and South terminals within the international airport. He shares his hopes and intents for air transport by anticipating raising awareness of biometrics and their benefits ahead of the impending Biometrics and Digital Identity Summit at FTE Global in Los Angeles in September 2023 Jenkins is leading.

Maurice Jenkins, Chief Innovation Officer at Miami International Airport
Maurice Jenkins, Chief Innovation Officer at Miami International Airport ⓒ Future Travel Experience

Passengers are able to board effortlessly without the hassle of long queues, thanks to biometric boarding. With a touchless click of a camera at over 130 gates in MIA, passengers are able to be on their flight in no time by simply standing in front of a camera at their designated gate for identity confirmation. Set to be the largest biometric technology implementation within any U.S. airport, full installation is set to be complete by the end of 2024.

Jenkins stresses the potential of this new digital era within the travel sector, stating how ‘nothing is off the table as it comes to leveraging functionality into our ecosystem’.

About FTE Global

Miami International Airport is a Corporate Partner of the FTE Digital, Innovation, and Start-up Hub and will be a part of the members’ meeting ahead of the FTE Global. Renowned as ‘“the CES for aviation”’, FTE Global is co-located with APEX/IFSA Global EXPO and invites the chance to network with exciting new start-ups as well as seasoned professionals, along with the opportunities to learn and even form new partnerships, inspired by the potential to transform the passenger experience.

FTE Global runs from 19 September 2023 to 21 September 2023.

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