Tonnes of Fuel: New Ryanair Deal for Sustainability

Yesterday, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ryanair and OMV was signed in accordance of a new Ryanair deal towards a future of sustainability: 160,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel will be supplied to the European airline over next eight years by OMV to help combat the aviation sector’s contribution to climate change.

Ryanair aircraft stands on runway. A member of Airport staff in high-vis vest stands next to plane.
Ryanair is investing in sustainable air fuel for their airports across Austria, Germany and Romania | © Hugh Llewelyn

Ryanair to Buy 160,000 Tonnes of SAF in Move Towards Sustainability

SAF (‘sustainable aviation fuel’) is a biofuel that significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions made by an aircraft during flight, compared to conventional jet fuel. The benefits of using SAF go beyond reducing carbon emissions, and can even lead to farmers gaining more revenue as they grow biomass crops.

Although this type of fuel is extremely beneficial in gaining carbon neutrality, the issue of it being a limited product means that it may take some time for every airline to get their hands on it. The MoU signed by both parties ensures that Ryanair gain exclusive access to sustainable fuel and over the span of eight years, the airline hopes to save over 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions using the generous fuel donation from OMV.

Crops in a field off a road in South Dakota.
The use of sustainable aviation fuels will mean a new source of income for farmers of biomass crops | © Dennis Hoyle

Fuel of the Future: The New Ryanair Deal to Battle Against Climate Change

OMV is a global energy and chemicals group that specialise in the sourcing of oil and gas, as well as chemicals. The organisation has set their sights on achieving the title of leading supplier of sustainable fuels as they aim to “address the challenges of climate change.” By 2050, OMV hopes to achieve total carbon neutrality within its operations.

Partnering with one of Europe’s largest airlines appears to be a move that will bring them closer to their aspirations, it seems, as the total amount of CO2 emissions saved from this deal is estimated to equal the same amount of CO2 produced by 25,000 Ryanair flights from Dublin to Vienna.

OMV’s Vice President of Aviation, Nina Marczell, had this to say in a recent statement:

“We are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint as well as supporting our customers in reducing theirs. This Memorandum of Understanding is a great opportunity to accelerate both companies’ sustainability efforts. Sustainable aviation fuel significantly reduces CO2 emissions, and we are delighted to collaborate with a strong partner like Ryanair and to provide solutions for the sustainable development of the aviation industry.”

Ryanair continues to strive towards its sustainability goals, having invested in a fleet of Boeing 737 ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft earlier this year. The fleet is calculated to emit 16% less CO2 and produce 40% less noise pollution.

On the importance of sustainable air travel, Ryanair’s Director of Sustainability (Vienna) Thomas Fowler expressed his gratitude for the partnership with OMV in a recent statement:

“SAF plays a key role in our Pathway to Net Zero decarbonisation strategy in which we have committed to increasing our use of SAF over the coming years – a commitment that this deal with OMV will help move further forward. OMV is a key partner for Ryanair in Austria, Germany and Romania and we look forward to growing this partnership as Europe’s largest airline Group.”

You can read about Ryanair’s plans for net-zero emissions by 2050 here.

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Kirsty Atek
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