A KLM Embraer ERJ-190, registration PH-EXV performing flight KL-1057 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Bristol, EN (UK), departed Amsterdam’s runway 24 when just prior to the rotation a loud bang followed by severe vibrations occurred, that subsided immediately after becoming airborne. Upon contacting departure the crew advised ATC they believed they had hit something on the runway, they probably had burst a nose tyre. While continuing the departure route a runway inspection was conduced however did not find any debris on the runway. The crew subsequently stopped the climb at FL240 and returned to Amsterdam for a safe landing on runway 18C about 40 minutes after departure. The responding emergency services advised the nose gear tyres and all tyres were okay and cleared the aircraft for taxiing.

A passenger reported that just before becoming airborne there was a loud bang followed by severe vibrations until becoming airborne. About 10 minutes later a captain flying as passenger announced the flight’s captain believed they had hit something on the runway and were returning to Amsterdam. After touchdown, there were severe vibrations again from the right-hand side.

Emergency services inspected the aircraft, about 5 minutes later the aircraft taxied to the apron. The passenger was subsequently told there had been damage to the right-hand engine (CF34), the engine failed after landing while being inspected by emergency services on the runway.

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