Launch Customer of the Boeing 777-9


As a previous launch customer for Boeing, Lufthansa has been chosen again to be the first customer to fly the Boeing 777-9 In the past Lufthansa has been the launch customer for the Boeing 737 and the Boeing 747-8 intercontinental aircraft. Lufthansa won’t only be ordering the 777-9for passenger services but also be using them for their cargo services. They have chosen the 777x for its efficient performance. Lufthansa has ordered 20 777-9s. The aircraft itself is still in the development stage and the first flyable test aircraft is currently being built and it is due to fly in the first quarter of 2019. The wings are going to be widest of any Boeing aircraft and the wing tips will be able to fold up so that it will be able to fit into the current gate areas where 777s arrive. It will be another step forward in aviation. The aircraft are getting manufactured out of composite materials and more fuel effluent as well. Let’s hope to see the Boeing 777-8 and 777-9 fly soon

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