Passengers on board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, got a real SHOCK when a woman mistakenly opened the emergency exit door thinking it was the toilet!

The national flag carrier’s plane was on the runway and ready for takeoff at Manchester Airport when she pressed the button, opening the emergency exit door.

Consequently, aircraft’s airbag chute opened and 37 passengers had to be off-loaded from the aircraft, Express News reported.

The flight PK-702, which was bound for Islamabad which was just about ready for takeoff from Manchester Airport, was delayed for seven hours owing to the incident.

When the woman was asked why she had opened the emergency door, she said that she thought it was the toilet!

Authorities say that the plane’s airbag chute had opened by mistake due to lack of PIA staff the day earlier.

PIA’s spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said that the incident is being probed, adding that, “The plane was parked on the runway when the airbag chute opened, so there was no threat of any kind to the safety and well being of our passengers.”

This incident is not the first of it’s kind. In China we’re seeing a rise of first time flyers, who are throwing coins into the engines of the planes for good luck… However, all that ends up happening is they delay their own flight!!

Earlier on June 7, passengers aboard PIA flight PK 853 from Islamabad to Karachi were outraged when they were served stale bread and under-cooked chicken at Sehri time.

The passengers reportedly exchanged hot words with the flight crew and protested the substandard food served on the flight, this is not the first time poor food quality has been reported on board PIA flights.

There has been a long history of complaints about the quality of PIA’s food service.

What do you think? Should PIA update and upgrade their food service?