It’s Coming: The Airbus A350 Freighter

by Sohail Sawlani

Another new airplane is entering the cargo market soon: the Airbus A350F (Freighter). Earlier today, Airbus said that the A350F could possibly be launched later this year.

Finnair Showed Interest In Electric Aircrafts

A Finnair Airbus A350

What is Airbus A35oF?

The Airbus A350 is one of the most fuel-efficient airplanes on the market! With its first flight in 2013, it is well-known for its extra-wide fuselage and ability to reduce jet lag and Airbus has now finally decided to go ahead with its plan, first announced in 2007, to build an A350 freighter variant named the “A350-950F”. The airplane is set to be around 70 metres long and be powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines. According to the A350’s Wikipedia page, if the aircraft is launched this year, it could enter service by 2025! As of now, Airbus is taking the project one step further and is in discussions with airlines interested in purchasing the A350F.


French Bee operates an entirely exclusive A350 fleet | (c) Francis Duo

Will Airbus beat Boeing in the cargo market?

For the past few years, it has seemed that Boeing is crushing Airbus in the cargo market. Airbus is so behind that it seems like it has given up on the freighter market. However, this new development could change everything. Airbus has the latest technology but it does not have much experience in the cargo sector. Airbus has only launched two freighters – the A300F and the A330F. In addition, their A330F variant was not so much of a hit, only receiving 38 orders for the type. Despite all this, I personally believe that the Airbus A350F will be a hit as the cargo market has been very quiet lately, with not so many new developments.


Aeroflot’s brand new Airbus A350 taxiing at Sheremetyevo international airport, Moscow

Why is Airbus doing this?

Now, you may ask, why is Airbus doing this? They have been lagging in the market for so long, it seems almost impossible for them to catch up. But as per a statement by Airbus’ CEO, it is not healthy to have only one player in the market and they do not like the idea that they are not active in the segment.

Are you excited about the new cargo jet? Comment below.


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