IndiGo Airlines To Disburse Refunds For Cancellations Due To Lockdown

IndiGo, India’s largest private airline has committed to the giving full refunds through the disbursement of credit shells. Passengers who have booked their tickets during COVID-19 will receive refunds.

The airline is shelling out around 1,000.00 crore to those who have booked tickets and whose flights have been cancelled due to lock-down and COVID-19 pandemic.

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IndiGo has the largest fleet of A320neo series aircraft ©Airbus

Airline to Refund to All Passengers

IndiGO will issue a full refund to all passengers who booked flights. Credit shells will be used for refunds.

Indigo was forced to cancel its flights when the lock-down was announced on 22 March 2020.  Due to this, passengers who booked their tickets were unclear about the refund they will get. Due to this,  uncertainty was prevailing over the amount and the date on which this will be paid.

This issue is now favourably decided by the airline.  Subsequently, the airline has announced 100 per cent refund to all passengers who have booked their flight tickets with IndiGo.

What is Credit Shell?

IndiGo Credit shell is a credit note issued to passengers which will stand to the credit of passengers for availing this amount against their future bookings.  Passengers can adjust this credit amount against their future and planned bookings when they buy tickets from IndiGo.

If a passenger’s flight is cancelled due to COVID-19, then, they will be refunded with the full amount by way of these Credit Shells.

Validity to avail this facility is set for a 12-month period.  IndiGo expects this process to be completed by 31st of January 2021.

A sum of 1000 crore has been parked by the airlines for this settlement.

We are pleased to commit that we will disburse the full 100 per cent credit shell payments latest by January 31, 2021. We would like to thank all our customers who stood by us for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented crisis,”

IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta reports.

In spite of cash flow problems,  this announcement comes as an encouraging note to flyers.

The airline has taken this step based on a gradual recovery in its operations. IndiGO’s new initiative has the possibility to be highly appreciated by the public. In addition, passenger patronage is likely to increase due to this decision.

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