IndiGo, Air-India, SpiceJet, Vistara, GoAir –  you name any domestic airline in India they are all cheering about this news.

The news of domestic aviation reaching near pre-covid-19 levels are bringing smiles in the faces of airlines albeit with optimistic caution.

Smiles Back On the Faces of Indian Origin Airlines.

The Indian Civil Aviation Industry has about 45 airlines and operates with a fleet of around 736 in numbers.

With more than 1.3B population and being in the top 5GDP’s of the world,  the Indian Civil Aviation Industry stands for big numbers in terms of Aircrafts.  Only the third after the American, European & Chinese markets when it comes to passenger traffic.  Passenger traffic drives revenues.  Revenues leads to profitability and sustainability.

In this context,  there is good news to cheer about when it is known that 2,57,613 flew locally as on 22nd of this month in 2021.

innerbanner n - Travel Radar - Aviation NewsIn contrast,  30,000 was the passenger numbers in May 2020 when flights started flying again after national lock-down came into existence in March 21, 2020.

“We are now within touching distance of pre-Covid figures.”

quote Hardeep Singh Puri, the Civil Aviation Minister brimming with confidence.

There is All-Round News About Domestic Civil Aviation in India.

Flight operations resume at Sri Nagar in Jammu & Kashmir state

A news in the last few hours on 24th Jan 2020.

Aviation sector workers priority vaccine after health care workers

says another news.

Commercial flights services between New Delhi & Sikkim commences

Says another news item.
There are positive indicators for the Civil Aviation which has a steady stream of domestic happenings.

Hopes are high that this will translate to International Aviation too. However, lot more is dependant on world airlines and the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s announcements on this front.


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