Six Indian Airline workers have recently claimed to be victims of an assault at the hands of police officers, causing an uproar in Ahmedabad, India. This is the second time this week that the actions of the police officers toward the accused have affected the community.

Further Details

On September 12th, a passenger declared that they were a victim of theft by police officers. The individual, who travelled from Jaipur to Ahmedabad with IndiGo Airline, claimed to the airport authorities that his valuables and money had been stolen at  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International. The value of both the money and other items is said to have totalled up to 7 Lakh Rupees, which is equivalent to over £7000. According to the Times of India, Hansol police officers immediately arrested six IndiGo airline workers: Jagdish Patni, Karan Dantani, Chirag Meh, Ravi Patni, Sunil R Patni, and Sunil G Patni.

Despite there not being proof of these workers playing a part in the theft, sources have claimed that the six individuals were treated as criminals and were both picked up against their will and attacked severely during questioning. According to the workers’ colleague, despite the males being accused of a serious crime, the police did not request the airport’s CCTV footage.

Huge Uproar

Friends and family of the men have been disgusted by the treatment of the IndiGo airline workers and have since gathered outside of the suspected police station in Ahmedabad to protest this. It is clear that the treatment that each of the six men faced during custody was illegal and will most likely be investigated. Times of India has claimed that the situation is yet to be addressed by the airport’s police authorities.

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