Iberia Airport Workers End 10 Day Strike Early

Amidst the 10 day strike Iberian Airport workers have come to an agreement to convert 1,692 airport employees into permanent employees. The agreement with Iberia Airport Services Employment Monitoring Committee provides workers with stability after the pandemic.

Iberia Airport workers stop strike
Iberian Airport workers sign agreement amidst strike © Iberia

The Agreement Ending the Strike

Dozens of flights cancelled over the past week due to airport workers’ strikes have come to an end. The strike in Spain that was from August 28 to September 7 was stopped on day five as the contract was agreed upon. The agreement signed means that the 1,692 temporary employees are now permanent employees with an indefinite contract.

The transformation of the contracts shows improvement and commitment to workers, providing stability and guaranteed employment with the uncertainty created by the pandemic. The most serious crisis in the history of the aviation sector created economic uncertainty and the loss of jobs. Iberia expressed in a press release that,

“This agreement is a very important step, with the support and commitment of all our employees, to strengthen and place Iberia Airports in an advantageous position to face the challenges that lie ahead, such as the AENA handling license competitions, the reduction of our debt or the continuous improvement of our operations and our service to our customers”

The agreement becomes effective on September 11 once the airport’s production needs have been re-analysed.

About Iberia Airport Services

Iberia Airport Services is Iberia’s leading handling company in Spain, which is Iberian Express’ airport division.

Iberian Express has designed a strategic plan for the next three years to ensure its economic strength moving forward and to position itself as the preferred airline among travellers.

Iberian Airport Services is based in 29 airports serving more than 170 airlines. Over half of Iberia’s handling operators’ activity is concentrated in Madrid and Barcelona airports with its rival being AENA.

“Go-UP Improvement Plan” is Iberia Airport Services’ plan of action based on four pillars:

  • Great digitization of all processes
  • The development of its business tailored to its customers
  • Strengthening the large distribution centres of traffic (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Implement a new company culture that increases the commitment and feeling of belonging within its workforce

The pandemic created a wave of economic insecurity and as airlines and airports are getting back on their feet, workers are demanding more stability too. Iberia has expressed focusing on their workers and getting on the right foot as they move to improve multiple areas.

Did your flight get interrupted by the strikes? How do you feel about the agreement? Let us know in the comments below.

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