How to Feel Fresh After a Long-Haul Flight

Air travel can leave you feeling wiped out and lethargic, especially flights that take six hours or more. Follow these tips to help you feel tip-top after hours on a plane. 


1. Stay hydrated

We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential in everyday life, but it’s even more imperative when you’re taking a long-haul flight. Your body needs to be at maximum hydration to function properly and cope with the stresses of flying.

This means not only drinking lots of water while you’re on the plane, but the day before and after your flight too. If you can make sure you’re plenty hydrated before even stepping on the flight, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.


2. Stick to the your new sleeping pattern

In order to get ahead of any jet-lag you might experience in your new destination, try to adjust your sleep schedule before you leave and on the plane. This will help speed up the time it takes you to get used to the new times, and you won’t feel like a zombie when you arrive. Even if you just tweak your sleeping times by just an hour or two in favor of the new time zone it will help you greatly.


3. Upgrade your seat

Book extra leg room on your seat or upgrade to business or first class if you can afford it. These little improvements in the luxury of your flight will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed on your journey. Booking extra leg room on economy tickets is easy to do and can be done after your initial booking of the ticket, sometimes even days before your departure.

If you’re in business class anyway you could ask for a free upgrade when checking in, in case there are any spare seats going in first class. This doesn’t always work, but you may as well ask just in case!

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4. Eat well

The best foods to eat before and during a long haul flight are low in salt, sugar, and heavy fats. These will only make you feel sluggish and tired after being in the air for so long. Instead, opt for lighter food such as fish or fresh fruits and vegetables. Granted these are hard to find on a flight sometimes, but if needs be bring along your own snacks and pass on the free food if it doesn’t look very appetizing.


5. Freshen up in the bathroom

Washing your hands and face and brushing your teeth are quick and easy ways to feel good on a flight. All that recycled air and being in such close proximity to hundreds of other people can leave you feeling a little grim, so keep up with your usual routine in the bathroom every few hours to stay fresh.


6. Bring a good travel pillow

On many long haul flights you’re given a pillow, but these are often quite flimsy and don’t do the job effectively. Investing in a good travel pillow, one that curves around your neck to give proper support, will help you sleep far better on a flight. Most good airports will have shops where you can buy one of these if you forget to pack one in your carry-on suitcase.

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