HMS Aviation relaunches with Chuck Stumpf at the controls
HMS Aviation relaunches with Chuck Stumpf at the controls

HMS Aviation, a well-established player in the private aviation industry, has announced its relaunch under the leadership of Chuck Stumpf. The new venture aims to provide personalized guidance and bespoke customer service to clients looking to acquire or sell private aircraft.

Stumpf, who brings extensive professional experience in sales, marketing, and aviation, has crafted a team of industry insiders to guide clients through the sales and acquisition process with expertise and passion. With over $2 billion in transactions to his name, Stumpf is well-positioned to lead HMS Aviation to new heights.

HMS Aviation relaunches
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“Our team of aviation business veterans has a proven track record of success handling high-end private aircraft and complex transactions,” said Stumpf, President of HMS Aviation. “We are excited to relaunch our private aircraft sales and acquisition business with even more resources, yet offer the same integrity, dedication and confidentiality to our clients.”

HMS Aviation is committed to finding the perfect buyer or acquiring the ideal aircraft for first-time buyers and seasoned aircraft owners. With a global presence and expertise, HMS’ respected team guides every aircraft transaction and is well-equipped to handle all aircraft offerings. Their team of skilled analysts, advanced applications and extensive market research provide valuable insights and intelligence, ensuring successful client transactions every time.

HMS Aviation Relaunches with Chuck Stumpf At The Controls

The company’s team has an intimate knowledge of the private aviation market and stays updated on the latest developments. Clients can expect personalized guidance and unparalleled customer service throughout the entire acquisition or sales path from discovery through post-closing.

HMS Aviation is based in Santa Barbara, California, and serves clients globally with operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Dubai. With the relaunch of HMS Aviation, the business positions itself to continue its success as a leader in the private aviation industry.

According to Stumpf, the company is excited about the opportunities in the private jet space this year. “HMS Aviation will provide clients with highly concentrated customer service, sophisticated research, experienced negotiation skills, and unparalleled business aviation intelligence,” he said. “Our team is seasoned in the skills required to buy and sell jets. That requires a unique skill set, and it’s rare to combine those skills with the level of customer service that we provide. We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture and the opportunities in the private jet space this year.”

Stumpf has assembled a team of experts with over three decades of private aviation experience. The team is committed to finding the right aircraft for each client’s unique needs, whether it’s a first-time buyer or an experienced owner looking to upgrade their fleet. With a focus on personalized guidance and customer service, HMS Aviation is poised to become a go-to resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a private jet.

HMS Aviation’s new website,, offers clients the latest information on private aircraft sales and acquisitions. The website features a range of resources to help clients navigate the complex world of private aviation, including detailed information on different aircraft models, financing options, and more.

With a global network of connections and expertise, HMS Aviation is positioned to help clients buy or sell private aircraft worldwide. Whether it’s a Gulfstream G650 or a Bombardier Global 6000, the company’s team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any transaction.

HMS Aviation is well-positioned to deliver unparalleled customer service to its clients in an industry that demands the highest level of confidentiality, trust, and expertise. With its experienced team of industry veterans, advanced research capabilities, and commitment to personalized guidance, HMS Aviation is poised to become a leader in the private aviation industry.

The relaunch of HMS Aviation marks a significant moment for the private aviation industry. With Chuck Stumpf at the helm and an experienced team of experts by his side, the company is well-positioned to offer unparalleled customer service and expertise to clients looking to buy or sell private aircraft.