Private Jets and Safety — an Exclusive Interview With Fabrizio Poli

As counterintuitive as it sounds, private jets are known to be one of the most unsafe means to fly in the aviation world, though they provide you with comfort and other opulent benefits. You’re 10 times more prone to experience an accident with a private jet than with a commercial jet. To overcome safety issues in the private jet world, it is imperative to buy the right plane and hire the right pilot and flight attendants for that plane. To dig more into this topic, I interviewed Fabrizio Poli, aviation entrepreneur. 

Who is Fabrizio Poli?

Fabrizio Poli is an aviation entrepreneur—he has flown private jets and worked for 5 different airlines. Furthermore, he holds Airline Transport Pilot’s Licenses from 4 different countries.

Apart from that, he has contributed to a number of aviation magazines as an aviation journalist and managed aircraft for owners.

He has also been featured on Bloomberg, Daily Telegraph, Wealth X, Financial Times, El Financiero, and has been a regular Aviation Analyst on Russia Today (RT).

Private Jets and Safety

As per Fabrizio Poli, pilots are usually pushed to take decisions by their boss without keeping safety in mind. Unfortunately, pilots end up listening and take unsafe decisions just to make their bosses happy. Though it might make them happy, it could lead to dangerous situations and even cause fatality.

How to Buy the Perfect Plane?

Private Jet

If you’re looking to buy a plane, you need to find the right one. When you buy the perfect plane that suits your needs, make sure it is maintained properly—the parts you’re buying are proper and the mechanic who fixes your plane knows what he’s doing. 

How to Hire the Right Pilot?

After buying a plane for yourself, make sure you hire the right pilot for your plane. 

First off, if you need a good pilot, you need to pay them well. Good pilots know what they deserve. Secondly, you need to give them a balance of flying and time off. Pilots are humans—they have families and social life too!

Furthermore, you need to train your pilots well. In other words, you need to pay for their training and train them beyond the minimum requirements. At the end of the day, the pilot you are hiring is going to fly for you and perhaps your business. 

When hiring a pilot, make sure you hire an experienced pilot. An experienced pilot doesn’t mean he has a good amount of flying hours or flying experience in relevant jets but the type of training he has gone through and the way he has been trained.

For instance, many pilots don’t undergo training like upset recovery during their training process which makes them next to impossible to recover from dangerous situations like stalls or spins making them prone to fatal accidents. Therefore, make sure the pilots you’re hiring have gone through such training. 

However, most importantly, the pilot’s attitude matters the most. The pilot needs to be humble. The aviation industry is filled with prima donna pilots. If you find one, walk away! 

Allow Your Pilot to Rest

Many pilots are prone to sleep issues. Allow your pilots to rest and make sure they are not fatigued. To know more about this topic, take a look at this article where I interviewed an aviation psychologist about sleep issues among pilots.

Apart from that, make sure your pilot is fit. Remember, if you treat your pilot well, you and your aircraft will be safe in the long run!

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