A Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321-200N, registration N204HA performing flight HA-56 (dep Aug 12th) from Kahului, HI to Los Angeles, CA (USA), performed an ILS approach to Los Angeles’ runway 06R, the approach was stabilized. At about 1500 feet AGL the crew received a GPWS fail message, performed the ECAM actions and switched the GPWS off. The aircraft continued the landing, however, bounced, upon the second touch down struck its tail onto the runway surface before the pilot flying lowered the nose of the aircraft, the aircraft settled on the runway without further incident and rolled out.

The NTSB reported the aircraft sustained substantial damage, the occurrence was rated an accident. The pilot flying expected the GPWS callouts 50, 40, 30, …, however, as they did not occur he was late in initiating the flare, touched down firmly causing the aircraft to bounce, the pitch attitude increased causing the tail to contact the runway surface, the pilot flying then provided nose down inputs and the landing continued without further incident.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Los Angeles 32 days after the accident.



Image © Wikimedia

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