Previously, we mentioned that airlines try to make every task as short as possible on ground operation in order to reduce cost on ground. This complex and diverse set of activities are expertly coordinated by a professional members and of the right equipment to keep the job done in this demanding environment. We are going to introduce some common type of ground service equipment getting your flights safe, and on-time.rvV9HlG5zcuG WPrOYBL8EopTGeDQ9mIsvYie xSHULyIBp2WlAZXplgIkyrZ9i18HPT6NRGbsfNH0IBNwlFTMDbM1Q71ElRTMfON8N4MmOgG5az3COZkSM0rPVSTTVhmWeCjvb1Jnv33sMIs5ZezLBXpwg2BTe6QAW2LTk dUckjuer ToJFqD6Lt T6o37nY58nGv1z5MwT06QpDn0t3Q0uMnd8fVXuJxDWUva2CENJH VHIklUvs3IgZ3OaH0nLyBvVP23Weew5oncIL1rsBJ1b491g 0986Zx5DMg6xtpDcEGGkwVsKu33aQntNUybsho3jHXynzuLxXlkblgUDuSO2b z6saoOH1wSelfozY9S6srX63Aqo4U9 2pZa0NfI wp1I4Wsk8zFrrKoqYOi2tezoJaAyBvo0P1BK23W0lW74 29q6DpeyPM8KTYgpWBzrEGgaG8lVDgfrR4l2 Y0vtya9HnRTRA1aSQ6D5CeMggUlb45Elcrf21ezJb5LfOSHCVdsj7u8dRw0kriigIO110waRejv8R0rT4QL5HeooxYecR6SYUlBVJtp0S9DHOCKc0GkJe7BrM5RB26SVHwujqJQC3C2 3mZXOlT273jmII8u8TFjw6U4N0Lfr5mlnEzZwWb5O5DelktS2lVvNJ 7IQDaBe6WaFFO1Wk1SZmpBngZHkAP4DT7ykU=w1174 h880 no?authuser=0 - Travel Radar - Aviation News

Refuelling Facilities.

Refuelling is one of the most important tasks in a turnaround operation. Aircraft will be refuelled to the requirements by the captain or, by the ramp officer. Procedures are in place for a self-contained fuel truck, or a hydrant truck or cart. In major airports, an underground central pipeline network has been designed for hydrant cart or trucks to extract fuel and pump directly into aircrafts. There is a significant advantage compared to contained fuel trucks. However, a designated parking position is required in order to maintain space for connecting to the aircraft’s refuelling port, under the wings and to the fuel hydrants.

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Cargo Loaders/Transporter and Belt loaders

Container loaders, also known as cargo loaders are used for the loading and unloading of containers into and out of aircraft. The loader has two platforms which raise and descend independently. The containers or pallets on the loader are moved with the help of built-in rollers or wheels. There are different container and pallet loaders to entertain the different requirement of aircraft, from a lowest 3.5 and 7 tonnes for lower deck cargo on a narrow bodies aircraft, to the main deck loading for a 747-8F with 14 & 30 Tonnes. Some airports use airborne loaders, which are transportable from the cargo warehouse and the apron, preventing the transitions between dollies and towing tractors. Most of the equipment is mainly produced in Europe, China, and the United States and imported to the country of operations – just like any other purchase!

Belt loaders are conveyor belts for unloading and loading on to aircraft. A belt loader is positioned forward and aft hold baggage compartment forward and bulk hold of wide body aircraft. during operation. The belt loaders are used mostly in services and the cargo & baggage without containers is called as bulk loading.

DSC 5144 - Travel Radar - Aviation News


Dollies are standard sized equipment with wheels, roller bars or ball mats on the surface for reducing friction during loading and unloading process. Hinge/locks are also equipped for to secure the position of the ULD/pallet on them during transportation. The aviation industry adopted ULD/pallets have dimensional standard following the aircraft cargo bay dimension. Therefore, these dollies are custom designed to complement the ULD/pallet’s dimension. Some dollies have a rotational base to facilitate changing orientation of the cargo during loading/ unloading. The precise movement is required to align the center of gravity of the dollies. Mechanical brakes are also equipped for locking dolly wheels when idle, which preventing slipping during long idling time at apron.

We hope you enjoy the short introduction of the gears used in the apron. We will cover more stories of equipment and procedures related to ground services next week. Let us know what you would like featured in this series in the comments below!

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