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Quicker, Quieter, and Greener are the three themes at the epicenter of the UK’s Airspace. While the past 12 months have been a daily uncertainty of ‘What Next’ for all Aviation Staff, Enthusiasts, and Customers, it appears that modernizing the skies is now financially viable. This is because the UK government has announced £5.5 million of funding to support the aforementioned causes.

UK’s Airspace is Building Back Better

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK’s Airspace was burdened by excessive demands on its flight routes and busy airspace. Consequently, there has been an increase in noise and air pollution and flight delays.

Any UK Airport that is part of the Airspace Modernisation Strategy (devised by the Civil Aviation Authority) will be eligible to access the Government Funds. This initiative will aim to provide a more seamless experience for Aircraft Operators within UK’s Airspace, thereby resulting in fewer delays on the ground.

The Jet Zero pledge by the Government to help manage Climate Change is part of a broader initiative to be Carbon-Neutral by 2050. There is now a general acceptance that the UK’s airspace is somewhat dated, thereby resulting in Aircraft more frequently entering ‘holding patterns’ as they await their turn for a final landing approach at the said Airport.

UK's Aviation turning green
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Leisure Activities To Benefit As Well

Many UK sites include gliding, parachuting, and other mainstream Aviation sports. They will feel the impact of the freedoms of the sky that the Airspace Modernisation Strategy will create. Furthermore, with the world of delivery parcels potentially extending to commercial drones, there could be a more significant amount of space for them in the sky’s motorway.

The Airport Operators Association Chief Executive, Karen Dee, is bullish about the future of the UK’s Airways. She said, “The UK’s airspace is our invisible infrastructure in the sky, vital to the UK’s connectivity and the delivery of government agendas, like global Britain. We look forward to working with the government and the Airspace Change Organising Group to deliver modernization and to help to achieve aviation’s net-zero by 2050 commitment,” she concluded.

Indeed, all of the above will help us reduce our Carbon Footprint!


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