From Crisis to Prosperity – Behind the Scenes of the 16th Aviation Management Conference

With a turbulent year for the aviation industry, we’re pleased to see yet another event takes the online-approach, kicking off 2021 with the 16th Annual Aviation Management Conference.

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The annual conference is ran by the Social Sciences faculty at Amsterdam University | © 15th Aviation Management Conference (2019)

What is the Aviation Management Conference?

On the 13th January 2021, the 16th Aviation Management Conference will be hosted by fifteen honours students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference will be held in an online environment for the first time ever and is titled “From Crisis to Prosperity” – With the event set to look into the future of the aviation industry, and it’s bounce back as we enter the year 2021. The emphasis is that the aviation industry is currently in a position where it’s course can be altered.


Within the live event, the spotlight will lie upon the vision of young professionals entering into the aviation community, backed by academics, research and the Applied Sciences department of the renown Amsterdam University. The key themes of the conference will be: Continuity, Profitability and Sustainability. Serving as recurrent themes throughout the day; Throughout discussions on the Economical, Social and Technological layers of the wider Aviation Industry. These topics will highlight the current impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry and considers the need for change within the Aviation System.

Speaking to Travel Radar’s Luke Will, organiser Balaj Abdulaziz said:

“Before COVID-19, the aviation industry was rapidly growing and facing numerous problems around capacity, sustainability and profitability. We believe that within these difficult times it is important to look ahead for opportunities and possibilities to alter the course of the industry, and to solve these problems. After the conference we hope to give everyone a perspective of our vision to create a more sustainable future for all.”

16thAviationManagementConference - Travel Radar - Aviation News

A Look at the Speakers…

Taking part will be prominent aviation professionals and companies, with panel discussions, interviews and presentations.

Speakers at the conference include from the likes of Embraer – and subsidiary EmbraerX – The Netherlands Air Traffic Control (LVNL), EUROCONTROL, NLR, Planeground and NS International; Bringing together some of the leading companies and figures of the Aviation Industry at the forefront of it’s recovery.

Interested in visiting? You can book your free ticket at: – Hurry though, the event is on the 13th January! We’ll bring you the latest from the event in January

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