A Small Planet Germany Airbus A321-200, registration D-ASPC performing flight 5P-5634 from Berlin Schoenefeld to Marsa Alam (Egypt), landed in Marsa Alam but suffered damage on landing.

Passengers waiting for the return flight 5P-5633 reported they were initially left without information for about 2.5 hours past scheduled departure time, then rumours developed the aircraft had received an engine (CFM56) damage. About 4 hours past scheduled departure time the pilot announced that the aircraft was not able to depart for the return flight. A replacement aircraft finally arrived in Berlin with a delay of about 21.5 hours.

The airline reported the aircraft received engine damage while landing in Marsa Alam in June 2018 because of a foreign object on the runway, that was ingested. All spare engines were already in service at the time stranding the aircraft in Egypt until a new engine can be acquired.

FOD is Foreign Object Debris, and it is really important that airports clean up any rubbish or objects in aircraft movement areas so incidents like this don’t occur.


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