Etihad Resumes Flights to India

From 12th July, Etihad is to resume flights to India. No flights have been scheduled since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak around 23rd March.

Initially, Etihad will be granted access to six airports in India.

The flights are scheduled between 12th July and 26th July. These are solely for repatriation flights between the two countries. Etihad is not yet ready to resume normal operations until 1st August.

Passengers who are eligible for the repatriation flights must first be approved through the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

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So, what about flights from India?

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is still yet to release a statement regarding international flights from India. The current international flight ban is in place until 31st July; however, this could be extended further.

Indian nationals with a valid residence permit for the UAE will also be allowed to take a seat on these repatriation flights.

Is Etihad in financial trouble?

The short answer is yes. Just like every other airline across the world, Etihad relies on tourism and connecting passengers on their journeys.

Many carriers have gone into liquidation, and some have been bailed out by their government.

Etihad A330
Etihad Airways A330

Last week, Etihad announced that in August it aims to increase its operational capacity to 45% of its pre-coronavirus level. They plan on resuming scheduled flights to around 58 destinations.

However, this all depends on travel restrictions from other countries such as the United States and Australia.

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