Etihad Airways Operates ‘Greenliner’ Eco Trial Flight

Etihad Airways has operated its first Greenliner eco trial flight for 2021. The flight, which had Rome as its destination, tested eco-friendly initiatives that support sustainable aviation.

The ‘ecoFlights’ showcase Etihad’s sustainability and health and safety measures and are operated on the carrier’s ‘Greenliner’ aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  According to Etihad, the aircraft is completely carbon neutral for the entirety of 2021, which covers a figure of approximately 80,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to approximately 100,000 trees.

Etihad ecoFlights feature a range of products by sustainable local suppliers and reduced single use plastic items in addition to overall weight reduction on board. Operational measures such as potable water loading, use of electric tractors and flight path optimisation in collaboration with air navigation service providers are also used.

Green Ambassadors

The ecoFlights’ cabin crew features a team of the carrier’s Green Ambassadors. Green Ambassadors are members of the crew that have volunteered to take part in Etihad’s sustainability programme. Their tasks include offering in-depth feedback to the service delivery teams within Etihad, sharing passenger queries and taking part in workshops to further enhance their understanding of aviation sustainability.

When it comes to the sustainable products used onboard, Etihad says it uses sustainable inflight meal trays by Abu Dhabi based startup, the Concept. The trays are made from recycled PET bottles that have been used for the carrier’s economy class service, resulting in an opportunity for closed loop recycling within Etihad.

The ecoFlight is also trialling environmentally friendly dental hygiene products by Yeleen Smile and Bambuu Brush, linen products that can be washed and reused multiple times while maintaining the safety and hygiene for our guests, and menu options such as fresh vegetables and greens from sustainable vertical farms, among other innovative products.

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Satu Dahl
Satu Dahl
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