Etihad Airways Introduces the World’s First Green Loyalty Programme.

Etihad Airways introduced the world’s first green loyalty programme. Etihad Guest has launched a variety of sustainability-focused initiatives to reward members for making “green” decisions and to provide solutions for lowering their personal carbon footprint.

Conscious Choices, the new range of sustainable initiatives offered by the award-winning loyalty programme of Etihad Airways was designed to assist Etihad’s overarching sustainability goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and halving 2019 emissions by 2035.

Conscious Choices offers Etihad Guest members with Tier Miles and other incentives for carrying less baggage on board and offsetting their flights’ carbon emissions with Etihad Guest Miles, empowering them to travel with a lower carbon impact.

Travelers who want to travel and spend more mindfully and sustainably can now earn Tier Miles and other benefits for making environmentally friendly decisions.

Members can earn Tier Miles in their everyday lives, when they are not flying, by offsetting everyday emissions like driving, with options ranging from one month to one year of offsets, as well as emissions like cooling your home or cooking your dinner for a month up to a year; donating miles to a green cause; and purchasing sustainable products from the Etihad Guest Reward Shop in partnership with Collinson and CarbonClick.

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Members can also choose a digital membership card instead of a physical one to save the environment. Members who are rewarded with Tier Miles are more likely to keep their current tier or upgrade to a new tier, which unlocks even more perks.

Etihad is the world’s first airline to award regular travellers for being more environmentally friendly in the air and on the ground.

Members’ sustainable behaviours are already being tracked so that they can be rewarded for using Miles to offset flights and shopping for sustainable products in the Reward Shop, with the complete programme and benefits launching in January 2022.

“Etihad’s commitment to sustainability rests at the foundation of our business,” said Tony Douglas, group chief executive officer of Etihad Aviation Group. “We’re happy to welcome our eight million members to join us on this path to sustainability.”

Despite the limitations of Covid-19, Etihad has implemented a number of substantial CO2 reduction efforts as part of its Greenliner sustainability programme during the previous two years.

Thousands of mangroves will be planted, sustainable fuels will be used, contrails will be reduced, flight patterns will be optimised, more electric cars will be operated, and the company will collaborate with partners who share its vision for cleaner skies.

Etihad expanded its strategic sustainability programme at the recent Dubai Airshow, bringing together industry leaders like as Boeing, Airbus, GE, and Rolls-Royce in the most comprehensive, cross-organizational aviation sustainability project ever attempted.

Etihad performed its most environmentally friendly flight ever in October, harnessing the lessons learned and efficiencies gained over the previous two years to reduce carbon emissions by 72% in absolute terms compared to the similar route operated in 2019.

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