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One of two UAE flag carriers, Emirates, will be operating an impressive 400 daily flights to 127 destinations for the Eid-al-Fitr holiday between 29 April and 9 May. 

Matching Eid demand

Just like Easter in majority-Christian countries such as the U.K, Eid is an important national religious holiday for Middle Eastern countries in particular. Demand for domestic flights during this time period peaks as a result and Emirates is reacting accordingly. 

This also comes as the airline experiences a major increase in regular flights within its network, according to the Emirates News Agency. 

May 7 will see the Dubai-based carrier operate a staggering 411 flights, the largest number of flights per day experienced by the carrier. On Friday, a tweet on the airline’s official account advised travellers that because of the extra traffic Eid will generate, arriving three hours before your flight is due will ensure a smoother check-in experience. 

The carrier welcomes the arrival of Eid for many reasons. But financially, the religious holiday will cause Emirates to experience passenger numbers on par with pre-pandemic traffic. Arrivals to Dubai and those travelling through the Emirates network elsewhere are set to increase. It will benefit the carrier’s recovery post-COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns significantly with the Chief Operating Officer of Emirates, Adel Al Redha, highlighting this:

“The long Eid holiday stimulated travel to our global destinations, as the seat occupancy rate on some flights reached 100 percent. These numbers indicate the recovery of the travel sector after the pandemic and people’s desire to travel, in addition to Dubai’s position as a distinctive tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.” 

The most attractive global destinations for UAE travellers, over the Eid holiday and in general, are London, Paris, Istanbul, Cairo, Casablanca, New York and Los Angeles. 


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