Embraer Advocates for C-390 Millennium Usage within the Indian Air Force

This week, Embraer concluded its C-390 Millennium Day in New Delhi, which saw key players within India’s aerospace and defense industry come together in an effort to support ‘Make in India,’ an Indian government initiative, ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) as well as the advocacy of the C-390 Millennium for the Indian Air Force.

Embraer advocates for the Indian Air Force's usage of C-390 Millennium aircraft
Embraer advocates for the Indian Air Force’s usage of C-390 Millennium aircraft © Naveed Ahmed

This comes after the Indian Air Force issued a Request For Information for a new Medium Transport Aircraft fleet. After Embraer responded with the offer of the C-390 Millennium, it went on display at AreoIndia in February 2023. Here, it gained worthy attention due to its unmatched combination of excellent productivity along with flexible, low-cost operations, making it unrivaled.

Embraer Defense and Security President and CEO Bosco de Costa Junior stated, “The event was a great platform to deepen engagement with the players in the industry as we strengthen the case of the C-390 Millennium for India,” continuing, “The vibrant discussions have paved the way for us to carve a unique proposition for India and the Indian Air Force.”

This comes as the current fleet of six aircraft shows an operational availability of approximately 80%, according to recent figures, and accumulates a rate above 99% for mission completion. This extraordinary productivity rate has consequently incurred orders from multiple NATO countries, including Portugal, Hungary, and The Netherlands, and having already established a presence within India in a range of areas, including defense, commercial, and executive aviation, are likely to continue their widespread growth of C-390 Millennium aircraft orders.

The C-390 Millennium in flight, the aircraft proposed by Embraer to be used by the Indian Air Force
The C-390 Millennium in flight © James Arup

Key Features of the C-390 Millennium

The aircraft is capable of:

  • Carrying 26 tons, a higher payload than many other medium-sized military cargo aircraft
  • Flying at 470 knots, faster than many other medium-sized military cargo aircraft
  • Operating on unpaved runways
  • Transporting and dropping troops
  • Medical evacuation
  • Search and rescue
  • Firefighting
  • Humanitarian missions

About Embraer

Headquartered in Brazil, Embraer is a global aerospace company that is well versed in manufacturing commercial and Executive, Defence and Security, and Agricultural aircraft, having delivered over 8,000 worldwide. Founded in 1969, it is now the leading manufacturer of commercial jets with up to 150 seats.

Transporting over 145 million passengers a year, it is reported that an Embraer-manufactured aircraft takes off somewhere in the world on average every 10 seconds.

What are your thoughts on the C-390 Millennium aircraft? Let us know in the comments.

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