Korean Air Introduces Vegan Inflight Meals And More

Korean Air introduces vegan inflight meals to provide passengers with a rich inflight experience. The recently added in-flight meal choice is inspired by vegetarian dishes traditionally served in Buddhist temples.

StartingHi this March, South Korea’s national airline will be launching a new range of vegan inflight meals to cater to eco-conscious travellers who want to reduce carbon emissions. These Korean-style vegan meals are inspired by traditional temple cuisine and will showcase natural flavours using fresh vegetables and seasonal ingredients.

Passengers in all classes can look forward to dishes like steamed barley rice with burdock, roasted shiitake mushrooms, and roasted tofu with plum sauce. Ginkgo nut porridge and roasted yam with soybean paste will be available for first or business class travellers. The variety of vegan meals offered on Korean Air’s flights will depend on the specific route and time of year.

Vegan Inflight Meals
Korean Air introduces vegan inflight meals to provide passengers with a rich inflight experience. © Korean Air

Korean Air Meals Options

Currently, Korean Air offers six meal options for vegetarians: vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, East Asian vegetarian, Hindu vegetarian, Jain vegetarian, and raw vegetarian. However, Korean vegan meals will be available for pre-order on all international flights departing from Korea starting in March 2023. This can be done through Korean Air’s website, mobile application, or service centre up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Korean Air, in its ongoing efforts to enhance the onboard experience for its passengers, is set to introduce a new range of meticulously-curated wines from next month onwards; in collaboration with Marc Almert, who was lauded with the prestigious title of ‘World’s Best Sommelier 2019’ by the International Sommelier Association.

Korean Air Vegan Meal 1 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
The selection of Korean-style vegan dishes will change according to the seasons. © Korean Air

The airline had already presented 52 carefully-selected inflight wines in October of last year, effectively expanding its wine selection from its prior reliance on predominantly traditional French wines to encompass a diverse array of wines sourced from various other European countries and continents, initially launched in Korean Air’s Los Angeles, New York, and Paris routes. This new selection of wines will be gradually introduced to all airline routes over the year.

Korean Air Limited-edition Amenity Kits

Korean Air has also launched a new line of limited-edition amenity kits made from recycled cabin life vests as part of its sustainable efforts. Their commitment to sustainable practices also extends to its amenities, as evidenced by the release of a limited-edition range of upcycled “life vest” cosmetic pouches, which feature six different travel-size skincare essentials.

These travel-size skincare essentials are facial cleansers, face mist, moisturizing cream, soap, shampoo, and mask packs, and they have been produced in collaboration with Korean beauty brand 107. Renowned for its use of natural ingredients and eco-friendly approach to beauty; furthermore, all proceeds from selling these pouches will be donated to a global environmental organization, and only a maximum of 4,000 of these unique pouches are currently available for purchase on Korean Air’s e-Skyshop.

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