An Aeroflot Boeing 737-800, registered as VQ-BWE was performing flight SU-43 from Saint Petersburg to Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia). The aircraft had 148 passengers onboard. It was descending through FL090 towards Sheremetyevo Airport when the crew received indication the forward cargo door had opened. So the crew declared an emergency and continued for a safe landing on Sheremetyevo’s runway 06R about 10 minutes later.

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Rosaviatsia reported military personnel were dispatched to the aircraft. The door was inspected and found to be open 15-20cm. The door was fully opened and a dog, which had escaped from its transport cage, was found free in the cargo compartment. Multiple traces of the dog’s claws were found on the inside surface of the door and also the door opening button and the door breakout panel.

As a result, the aircraft involved remained on the ground for about 9 hours while an inspection took place. It then returned to service after it was given the all-clear.

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