Delta and Virgin are Back at Heathrow’s Terminal 3

With the recovery of air travel, we are witnessing the re-opening of shut-down airports and terminals. Moreover, airlines are progressively resuming their pre-covid destinations. From mid-July, for example, both Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic will once again fly to London Heathrow Terminal 3.

Back to Status-quo

Both Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic are going to be back on stand at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 from July 15.

The return of the two airlines to the terminal also means the reopening of the award-winning lounge “Club-house”, “Revivals Lounge” and “Upper class wing”. Here, premium customers can enjoy a-la-carte menus, wines, cocktails and soft drinks, which can be enjoyed in the library or restaurant, or even while plane spotting on the roof terrace.

Nadia Clinton, Delta’s Regional Sales Manager, stated:

Moving back to our home in Terminal 3 will allow our customers to once again enjoy the award-winning experience they have missed during the pandemic

For those who are still wondering if travelling on a plane is safe, Delta and Mayo Clinic conducted a study that shows how the possibility of transmitting the coronavirus during a flight is 1 in a million. According to these results, and the successful roll-out of vaccines in both the UK and USA, Clinton hopes the UK Government and the Biden administration will soon allow an air-corridor between the two countries, meaning that UK citizens will have the chance to fly to the US for leisure once again.

Delta B767. Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz

Corneel Koster, Chief Customer and Operation Officer at Virgin Atlantic is also very exciteed about Virgin being back at Terminal 3. For the occasion, he commented:

We’re delighted to finally be back on our home turf and I know our teams can’t wait to warmly welcome our customers to Terminal 3, as they return to the skies in style, as they fly safe and well with Virgin Atlantic

Koster as well talked about the urgent need to open leisure travel between the two countries, stating that for the time being £23 million in economic value are lost each day. Therefore, the US should be moved to the UK’s Green List, which would allow British citizens to travel to the country without any need to quarantine on their return.

What do you think of the reopening of the Terminal 3 to both Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Giacomo Amati
Giacomo Amati
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