Delhi International Airport has confirmed that they will close Terminal Two from midnight on Tuesday 18 May 2021. The decision has been taken as a result of a notable reduction in flight frequencies to and from the Airport. This coincides with India currently experiencing record peaks in daily COVID-19 cases as the Indian variant continues to spread like wildfire. Consequently, all flights will be operated exclusively from Terminal Three until further notice. Moreover, all Airport Passengers will now be required to complete their Flight Check-In online, prior to arriving at the Airport. This is so to ensure a contactless journey, thereby potentially reducing the spread of COVID-19 within the auspices of Delhi International Airport.

Two of the Airport’s most frequented Air Carriers, GoAir and IndiGo were operating out of Terminal Two and will consequently switch to Terminal Three as well.

Delhi Airport
Drop Off In Passengers Equates To Drop Off In Terminal Availability © National Herald India

Terminal Two Closure Driven By Data

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi International Airport operated approximately 1,500 flights day compared to present day, where the average is around 325 flights per day (a 75% drop in flight frequencies). Furthermore, the past couple of months have also illustrated a significant decline in Air Passenger traffic at Delhi Airport, with numbers dropping from 115,000 per day in February to just 30,000 a day in recent weeks. The downtrends witnessed in the Indian aviation industry have been most felt in the current second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. This is evidenced by the number of domestic Air Passengers reducing from around 220,000 per day to just 75,000 per day at present, as reported by the Civil Aviation Ministry’s data hub. 

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