Jet2 cancels all flights until 23 June ©jpimedia

Jet-2 and Jet-2 holidays have today announced that they will re-open their flight and holiday programmes on Wednesday 17th June.

While this does mean that all holidays up to 16th June are cancelled and it is an extension on their previous estimate of 2nd May, it’s the first indication of—dare we say ‘probable’—resumption of service timed for the middle of the northern hemisphere summer.4300403641 13f04d1aee o 1 - Travel Radar - Aviation News

The date is subject to change of course, subject to the many destination countries relaxing their restrictions and for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office lifting their current restrictions on all non-essential travel for an indefinite period.

The organisation has thanked its customers for their loyalty, understanding, and patience, saying also that it would be contacting all affected customers in departure date order to discuss options.

Although for all of us mid-June seems far away, Jet-2 have given us a reason to be cheerful.


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