British Airways Offers £1k to Recruits

British Airways has announced its latest tactic aimed at attracting new recruits.

The £1,000 “Golden Hello” has been introduced in the wake of mass cancellations across the industry, often resulting from insufficient staff numbers.

Bonus subject to conditions

The British flag carrier has outlined how the scheme will work, paying out £500 to new staff after three months with the airline and the remainder after a further three months. The offer is only available to those who start before July.

If applicants cannot begin training before July, they “may not be eligible for the welcome bonus”.

Both airlines and airports have grappled with low staffing numbers in recent weeks after a recent surge in passenger demand. An inability to safely staff flights has led to thousands of flights being cancelled by scores of airlines, both within the UK and abroad.

british airways offer 1k bonus to new recruits
To be eligible for the bonus, recruits must obtain an airside ID from either Heathrow (pictured) or Stansted Airports | © Panhard

The airline axed over 10,000 staff during the pandemic but began rehiring last year. Since the new year, British Airways itself has cancelled around 1,200 flights, blaming staff shortages and COVID-related absences.

Potential recruits often lack confidence in the industry, after thousands of employees were let go at the height of the pandemic as airlines fought to cut costs. Another barrier is strict security checks that recruits must pass in order to qualify, which often take weeks or, in some cases, months to process.

Notably, potential applicants must have completed cabin crew safety training and hold airside ID for either Heathrow or Stansted Airports, which indicates the airline may seek to poach crew from rival airlines.

Turbulent year so far for BA

British Airways has had a rocky start to 2022. In late March, more than 900 flights were cancelled or delayed after its third IT glitch of the year. The impact of the issues was so widespread that the government felt it necessary to intervene.

The Department for Transport said it “sought urgent reassurances [from the airline that the IT problems] were being addressed.”

Every sector of the transport industry is braced for a challenging week ahead as millions seek to flock both abroad and across the country for the first ‘normal’ Easter since the pandemic began.

Would you be tempted by British Airways’ ‘Golden Hello’? Let us know in the comments below.

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