A retired Boeing 747-400 aircraft burst into flames this evening in Castellon Airport (CDT) in Spain.  The last flight operated by this plane was London Heathrow (LHR) to Lagos (LOS) on April 18, 2020.  Fire tenders at the airport immediately brought the fire under control.

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The retired Aircraft has been in Service Since 1994.

Registered with G-CIVD (L. No. 1048/MSN 27349) ‘Victor Delta” was withdrawn from service in April 2020.  The aircraft was parked at London Heathrow (LHR) until August before it was flown into CDR for its eventual fate.

The aircraft joined the British Airways (BA) fleet in 1994.  It had 14 First class seats,  52 in Business class, 36 in premium economy and 325 economy class seats.  It It had clocked an impressive 115,276.8 hours of flying and recorded 13,364 flights during its life-time.

Last British Airways Boeing 747 Leaving Heathrow
Last British Airways Boeing 747 Leaving Heathrow © British Airways

The fire brigade arrived promptly at CDT airport and put out the fire.  There have not been any reports of injuries or casualties.

This aircraft is one of the 31 aircraft that BA retired as part of rejuvenating their fleet.


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